Payment Options


Once we confirm your order , we will send you an email / text / what’sapp message carrying our bitcoin wallet . After payment is done you get back to us with a screenshot of the payment or email of the payment.


We do accept swap deals . We accept things like Mobile  phones /Lab Tops/Ipads/ TV Sets.

All you need to do is place your order , contact us with your deal . Our operator will evaluate it and provide you with a shipping location . Most commonly accepted are unlock phones . 


It functions like western union service . All you need is our payment information .  You can locate a money gram store or Walmart if you are in USA and ask for money gram service . You can then make the payment and send us a picture of the receipt and prove of payment .

Western Union

Western Union then provides the sender a 10-digit Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) that the sender must provide to the recipient.

Our payment information will be handed to you . All your need to do is locate a nearby western union store or agent office and make the payment . Once that is done , you can then take a picture of the receipt and forward to us .

Our Cashiers

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For Bitcoin Payment , I will forward our Bitcoin Address to make the payment. Once that is done , do well to forward a screenshot of the transaction .

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For MoneyGram Payment , I will forward our MoneyGram Payment information . Once your payment is made ,do well to forward the receipt. 


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For Western Union Payment , I will forward our Western Union Payment information . Once your payment is made ,do well to forward the receipt. 

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“We strongly recommend  bitcoin payment for clients who like to remain discreet .The payment is easy and fast . Once you place your order, our bitcoin address will be forwarded to you .”

Our clients

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